Tolkien - a dictionary, and a ½&½ troll

This was inside the package I got. The sender, Joshua (sorry for always losing the "u" in your name, it says so in one of your contact-thingies, so... that is my excuse), had also enclosed a nifty little envelope which I read with interest and joy. Sometimes this hobby brings you joy rather than headache.

A little miscalculation on my behalf when making dinner made me take an involuntiraly "rest" in the "restroom", and later I semi-collapsed in my bed. After a while I got better but was still weak, so I spent a few hours reading and getting inspired.
     Do you remember in the early days of our hobby? How inspiring and new everything was? Always something new, new players and the hobby was growing... ? Honestly though, today's state of our hobby is fine with me, it means it can be more personalized towards me. I can bend and break rules however I want, and it will be my Middle-Earth.
Get off my lawn, bloody elves!

After a little nudge on behalf of a commenter (J. again), I did not throw away the failed troll, but instead dug up one of the older trolls, made nearly purely of Super Sculpey, and cut him in half. I did the same to the troll I was about to throw in the bin, and attached the somewhat skinnier top half on the sturdy "official" Mordor troll-legs. 
    You can see how the hands are somewhat primitive, which depends on two simple reasons:

1) They are made in Super Sculpey.
2) I have gotten better at sculpting, or rather, I have finally understood the point of patience, and keep going even if it is "good enough".

The old troll, which was just left in a box of unfinished or scrapped projects.

See the size difference between the two parts... ?

It looks as if he is about to take off like Superman.
     That's all he wrote. Since I am now officially unemployed I am off to a fika in the middle of the day.

TLDR for all you reading-impaired half humans? In this post I made two and half and half troll-men (see pictures for less information):

 TLDR on the TLDR? Winning! So kewl määän

4 kommentarer:

  1. The trololololol looks great!

    1. Ha! That's exactly what it is, a trololololol! hehe...

  2. Nice work llama :)
    have you seen the frostgrave rules? Perfect for many of your convertions... easily transfer the theme to middle earth (Arnor seems perfect) and you could run gandalf or elves verses Witchking etc, another excuse to convert and paint more figures!
    keep up the good converting, its good inspiration

    1. Oh I like it a lot! I have been looking at Frostgrave for various reasons, but it never caught my fancy. Seeing as how you "sell" it, I must take another look. Thanks, another excuse to make more un-lotry models ;D