Finished Ent #3

The first ent I did was completed many moons ago. It is small, has been rebased twice and is painted with cheap "artist's" acrylics. Additionally, I followed the canon and made him very rigid and almost lumbering (pun perhaps intended). The result? At the time I was very pleased. Today I might even consider it ready for the "too-attached-to-throw-away"-box.
    A few years later, 2015 came, and I made the Birch-Ent. At the time of it's completion, I was very pleased. Today? Not so sure.
    So, a few weeks later, 2015 was still the year, and I finished ent number three. At the time of completion, today, I am quite pleased, and I hope the future recipient (yes, Josha, I am talking about you!) will excuse me for spoiling the surprise - or, you could always come back tomorrow when this update is hidden behind something new...

Spoiler alert...

So, the finished, square based ent, because some people just go their own way.

We can start with a size comparison. This new ent is considerably smaller, or rather, ent number two was oversized.

It's headgear (in the form of branches) was made slightly less messy in case one would like to remove them, for whatever reason, be it mould making or whatever. Also, it would be very easy to attach more branches and details if one would like.
    One may notice that I've used plastic pieces in some places.

The model's inner core is iron wire with aluminium foil wrapped around (for the first layer of Super Sculpey to get a better grip) and Super Sculpey. The outer part consists of two additional layers of Super Sculpey, baked consecutively. Small details are made out of plastic, iron wire, green stuff and perhaps some yellow stuff if I am not mistaken.
    If one would like to detach a part, let say an arm, I would use a hobby razor-saw, use mild violence and be mindful of the iron-wire core (it is easy to cut through, but strong enough to keep the model intact).
Whilst the arms have slightly arced lines, as do the neck and the body (to signal that that this is a slightly younger, more flexible and aggressive ent), this is all in all a very restrained design I think...

... with the obvious exception of his legs, that is clearly flexible and strained like a young tree in heavy wind. I think I captured the feeling I wanted to with this design. I am rather pleased to say it myself, and I tend not to be that with most projects.
    Some minor things are still left to do, but the majority of the model can be considered done. And better still,  I had some actual, homemade fun when sculpting it!
    Have a nice weekend good people and hobbyists and good hobbyists and bad people.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! I can just picture him peering around a tree at a bunch of frightened ( dare I say terrified) orcs! It looks vunderbal!* truly stunning.

    Aaand... looking back through your blog, I really liked your first ent! I thought he was also vunderbal! if a little straighter.

    *as far as I know, vunderbal is not a word. in this text it stands for wonderful. ;D

    1. Sounds nearly like "underbar" (Swe for wonderful), I take it as such ;)

  2. Ent looks great! If you're still considering molding up some of your figures your latest ents are definite contenders. Or at least one of the ents. You could cut off some limbs and make alternative limbs for this latest ent, and make it a multi-part kit.