What's this...

... a raaanger caught off his guard?

Inbetween some good news and mildly annoying stuff (problems with a paycheck, that I have been waiting for since September!), I also had a very pleasant surprise! I got the little reciept in my mailbox downstairs and thought nothing of it the first minute, but then I remembered: Mr Josha had casually mentioned "something" about "something". 
       The big question is though: Wait until Christmas, wait until Lucia (13th December) or wait until 1th of Advent... I have already tugged a bit at the corner, but corrected my behaviour.
     :D to you mr J.!

Before collecting said package, I went out on a run. The goal was two kilometers under 11 minutes. I failed, coming in at 14 minutes, but I looked nice doing it, dressed in tight runners outfit, my fake Iphone in my hand etc - a lot like this camouflaged steam train:

Which of course is nothing but a fancy, slow steam train.
     As soon as other joggers (the noun in femininum, mind you) had passed, I stopped and hid behind a pine, let out steam in form of condensation from my mouth, breathing heavily and then walked briskly until I could breath normally again. I did this multiple times. The whole affair was a Potemkin village of a jog (see below for illustration).

By the by, as they say... this is something I recommend everyone doing in these upcoming gluttonous months to add some insult to your coworker's fat (injured) bums: Dress up these tiny little brüsselsprouts as candy and whatch them cry.
    I had such a co-worker at my old job (I have mentioned this workplace multiple times, "The Brain" I called my department). Whenever candy, cake, biscuits, lucia-breads, cinnamon rolls or sandwich-cake was on the table for our shift (around 60-70 people), this moon-sized satellite was by no apparent means of himself (well... ) drawn into the gravity field of the treats-table, and for some reason left inconspicously two minutes later with a filled stomach, filled hands and(!) a little food box filled for the later breaks!
   Should have tried this ruse, watched his reaction. Sugar truly is a drug, and I have actually some compassion for his behaviour. Not sure why I even mentioned this... ooor.... maybe it is because we are reminded EVERY day of the equivalent of emotional-addicts, these traitors that rule our country:

As you all know, Sweden is now broken. It is but a mere shadow of it's former self. Violence is abundant, free for everyone and our borders are open. Rapes are nearly as common as in Lesotho, murder is there for everyone to see and robbings have increased with a mild 3000% since when Sweden was homogenous. I have personally witnessed enough BS for a lifetime.
      What did these ladies above do when there was an important meeting with regards to our failing state? Well, the "smartest, bestest [sic] girl-gang" was drinking bag-in-box wine and had a grrrls night in, in some nice, expensive, segregated apartment in Stockholm. Why are these ladies even allowed to vote? Let alone run a country?

It is not music to my ears to listen to the state-run radio, the ladies received barely any critique for their natural behaviour. And rightly so, who can fault an animal abuser when he puts cray fish in a cat's ear? It is his or hers natural behaviour. Right?

This post might have derailed slightly, but what I was going to say is that all is well. I have been listing all the possible models one could create from the hobbitual movies and also the other models that might be interesting to make. With the extended versions available (thank you mr FoB of Flower of Battle) we could find a number of weird things to add. Peter Jackson doesn't know when to stop, does he? I like it, too numb by his assault on my good-taste-buds - or rather it is more in the lines of Stockholm syndrome.

Since a lot of people have already started to forget this, I added this picture. It might not be in the best of taste on a hobby blog, but reality creeps up on us - often times when we try to escape it or even forget about it.

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  1. Oh great, it arrived! Merry (early) Christmas! ;D

    1. Thanks man! I will wait until later to open it, but my fingers itch. Do you have any suggestions? Wait, or just rip the content out?

      /Llama un-inlogged.

    2. Haha! It matters little to me! Tear it open! Wrap it up just so you can unwrap it. Haha!
      Anywho? I hope you enjoy it.

    3. The deed is done :D