Mowember and Mosswember!

Yeah, that is not my normal beard... it is some weird lichen, and do not worry that I look like a 60 year old biker, the light was not especially kind to my 35-ish year old face - I look quite alright normally, but the cold and damp made me look like a frozen egg with hints of aids in it. Also, don't do drugs kids (or sugar, rather... ).

I can honestly attract 10's! Don't mind the lichen growing out of my face!!!

After I had removed the lichen from my face I promptly placed it my hobby compartment. Colouring plans have been made for them (to use on my fastitocalon - I will fix the hind legs and add a lot of seaweed on it's shell-rims). It was actually a joke. My face is not made up of lichen and moss. Who would have thought!?

According to my release schedule, November will see the birth of my Red Wizard, the un-canonical 6th maiar. He will be looking suitably Persian (as all lazy fantasy-idiots, I also just plainly steal designs from Earth's cultures).

I am not entirely sure I will move forward with my Frost Wyrm, but one thing is sure: I have scrapped my old Sand Wyrm, because he just did not look right.

 Warhammer Forty Gay-bits!!! Lololol!

To mr FoB: I could not find the link I was talking about, so here's another one, that is entirely different from the one I was talking about...

    Speaking of misses and failed endevours: The best laid plans of mice and men...

Here are the plans for a new ent (for a certain blogger) and a new Stone Guardian AKA Púkelman that I made... very sketchy plans, but still...

The Ent is going alright, but the Stone Guardian is not progressing within expected parameters or whatever you call it... He is a tit-beast, a swollen basement dweller with a melted face!
     I should have made him out of polystyrene, just as his father was...

Lastly, any of you having any communications with me via my mail-address, you may notice that I haven't been especially good at reciprocating your emails, that is because I am getting a lot of emails these days (for reasons beyond hobbying, would you believe it!), but I will eventually get back at you!
     So, remember:

Try to mentally remove the stupid woman in the picture above, she is not lacking any communications... Bad picture, but a good message.

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  1. All your stuff seems to be coming on great! Including the mo. It is movember after all. So I think its smashing ;D. Its a shame that it needed to be shaved but, you know, hobby must come before facial hair!

    1. Hehe! Indeed it does! I have a real mo' behind it, but it is more grey than blonde nowadays :/ So instead of looking like a kiddy-fiddler I look like an old man. I prefer the latter. Hr-hrm...