Shenanigans of 2015, Hallotweens and much more!

First off, I finished painting one of the beautiful Giant Eagles that were released in maybe 2013 for The Desolation of Smaug or maybe An Unexpected Journey.

Super simple colour-scheme. White primer touched up with a white base coat (watered down). Then I painted watered down browns and warm greys and washed it with a dark brown that was thinned with Vallejo acrylic thinner and a whole lot of water. Touched up beak, talons and eyes ever so slightly. Base isn't really finished yet, but it works for now, so I consider the project done. As usual, I will come back at a later date and touch it all up...

I have officially failed this month's deadline: The Frostwyrm! I actually started working on it just tonight! And also started work on two other projects. Can you guess which ones? Also, if mr Josha's reading this, pretend you haven't seen the middle armature... it is supposed to be a surprise!

Models below are for inspiration, someone else have made them:

I want to make vampires for LotR/WotR... all the necessary bits and pieces to emulate these models are in my possession... I think it could look rather nice. Of course, some slight changes would be prudent...

Not really sure how I would use this guy's nice conversion idea, but I like it...

A Game of Thrones-giant to copy and make into a Middle-Earth-model? Perhaps...

I always feel like such a douche when stealing other's ideas and pictures without giving proper credit(-s), but I simply could not find the source to these pictures again. Sorry 'bout that folks.

Although I have always been a fan of vanilla designs, over the years I have started to appreciate the slightly more overworked, or near-OtT-models that The Movies did. This guy (above) just doesn't cut it anymore, even if he looks more "realistic". It is strange... Perhaps it is just Halloween making an impression on me.

Speaking of Halloween, I dressed up as Justin Bieber, but my fluffy hair imploded when I took a shower...
    So, Halloween came and left...

Gotta catch 'em all!


... and scared me off my sofa (after reading the news on how Sweden's descent into chaos is largely unnoticed/ignored by the indigenous population).

Cook the frog slowly, as they say, and it won't notice it. In this case, I feel we are more like crab-people.
And some of us are just babies in Subway wraps.

It all doesn't matter, because the pain train is coming...

But still, Sweden has some good points. Some of the best food in the world, wonderful nature, fresh air and snow just the way you want it: White and cold.

All that humble-brag aside, let us continue our picture fest...

Whilst normal-functioning, regular Europeans are now buying 13 guns on the dozen, most of my Swedish mates have the same silly attitude to such things as the idiots above, all the while killing more babies than Herod ever did. Wow, just wow!

This bleak picture that I paint makes me want to move to Russia to not have to deal with all the bullshit (värdegrund) and silliness, but then again... maybe not... most of Russia is rather un-inspiring, and I should know, I have visisted it's three largest cities, went on a roadtrip to the small, serial-killer-esque towns inbetween and it's endless plains...  The people were wonderful, but their actual, physical country was literary like a radioactive factory, so maybe I'll stay put for another six or eight years, or so.

But then again, it was better in Russia, than dealing with the above, such idiocy that the mandatory, state-run TV say, this llama might just be better off amongst the Ruskis, the old enemy of Sweden. Oh, how times change.

It doesn't matter. The world's first "feminist government"* marches on towards the abyss and I will keep on hobbying.'

With a stupid smile on my face...

*) In the words of the everliving prime-minister of Sweden, which he said for some god-awful reason... See below for a little post-scriptum.

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  1. Well well well! Thank you for this lovely long update! I have just got back from a long and stressful day and this was just what I needed! I did not see that ent, oh no ;D
    And I am loving the eagle! I have been thinking of starting a new army, the eagles of the misty mountains, and I think you just convinced me!
    keep up the good work!

    1. Ps: don't go live in Russia, come down to SA where its warmer!

    2. Glad to hear that! Make a dragon army instead, there is only so much one can do with the great eagles... although, if you were to mix in some warhawks and other stuff, maybe... :D

      Hm... S.A. you say? Perhaps. But I think Australia might be a good alternative as well. You both have good surf, at least ;) aaand a lot of sharks...

    3. Yes, but the problem with dragons is that they are so powerful, you can't have too many. Anyway, its a possibility.

      And come to think of it, rather consider Australia. ;D I am not implying that it is a bad idea to immigrate to SA even though it is a lovely country. Oh no, I never imply anything!

    4. Hehe... well, we shall see my friend, we shall see!

  2. My favorite interweb-visit for the day. So many laughs that are real lols. Love how you bring in the Easter bunny and egghunting on Halloween (explaining the joke so that it looses its power as a joke, nevertheless the picture is still smashing). Not everyday a cat meme is funny.

    In other news: The eagle looks great.


    1. Very happy to hear it! The eagle looks better in the pics, though...

  3. Also, the Game of Thrones giants are really good and should be emulated


  4. Or is she a Pokemon? In which case I clearly overthought ewrthing


    1. She is indeed a pokemon, and as such you will need to catch them all!