Mordor Orc conversions

I should probably add that this is also a Hunter Orcs-conversion-update, but for some reason, we click-baiters want more traffic, and the keyword/-term "Mordor Orc conversions" is racking up some good 35000 pageviews on my blog, so I just go with Mordor Orc conversions... Keyword "Hunter Orcs" had it's primetime in December 2014...

 Hunter Orcs and Mordor Orcs... similar, but not exactly the same...

With all that nonsense aside we shall continue with some actual pictures of said project (a project, I should add, that has nothing to do with my Monster Schedule(TM) because I am getting burnt out with these boring deadlines):

The White Orc-homemade/nearly home-sculpted model can be seen holding his hammer high up and brandishing his reduxed left arm in the shape of a tri-thingie instead of my ugly hook-arm that I originally and lazily did. He is now A-O.K. !

Parts: Mordor Orc shields, feathers (these guys will go down the Native American-route that the Hunter Orcs never went down, but threaded very close to), please notice, in the upper right corner, the counterfeit resin "finecast" Uruk-hai Crossbower that will be used in my Gorgoroth Orc Hore.

I had some funny segue/segway into Captain Kirk holding his plaster-penis versus the guy below, but I forgot what it was, so you'll just have to come up with something funny yourself.

Although, laughing at the "man" above is akin to laugh at a car-crash...

"It's true... " she said, looking all apple-y.

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