Orc Conversions, part 3

In total one company of Hunter Orcs and two new Hunter Orcs to replace to old fillers in my small Hunter Orc formation (for War of the Ring). Additionally, I am working on two other orcs that are not pictured here due to ugliness.

Fillers... I am trying to remove them where they are not appropriate...

This goddarn march continued for nearly two hours, all while little Kim had to stand with a salute, poor thing.
So, the orcs. Bodies from Mantic Ghouls, Mantic Zombies, Games Workshop Warriors of Minas Tirith and Perry Miniatures' Mahdist Ansar... there is a little ACW-soldier in here as well, also from the Brothers Perry.
     The four models above will get minor green stuffing done, some trimming and then they are ready for a white primer from Army Painter.
Here are three of the most troublesome models. The guy with the whip, the orc with the Mantic horn and the orc with the brazier (not to be confused with brasier, thank you Google images) will all likely be subject to some serious re-work. Especially the brazier-guy since he is likely to burn his little orcish face off!
    The orc with the green-stuff is some sort of captain and is fine as he is. Notice his flairful feathers, as promised.

The guy holding the sword (obviously a zombie-body) will be subject to change, most likely.
     That is it for Friday evening... good evening one and all!

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  1. Very nice! I love how you have managed to get so many different dynamic poses with so many different models and bits with minimal GS. Well done!

    1. Hmm, and as an afterthought I find your first 'unit fillers images' very funny. they make me lol... haha

    2. Hehe, NK (the Best Korea) just keeps churning out fun stuff, just like my own crazy government! Next time, I will just Sweden as comic release instead ;D

  2. Looking good!