Current state of Llama's War of the Ring; the future, upcoming projects and current situation.

This is without a doubt the longest title ever on my blog! Boooh-yaaah!

Besides painting Hunter Orcs and regular orcs for my upcoming Gorgoroth Orc Horde as well as re-positioning the Angband Beast, I am trying to get a new job, take care of my grown-up duties (two prominent ones!), take care of my physique as well as better said body as well as my mind. Additionally, I am considering an interesting proposition from mr Josha (because it was in line with my own thoughts, but it seems monsieur Benoît Dumeaux killed my lust for this, by posting this grand project, where a lot of the "missing models" from the Hobbit range has been sculpted!).
     All this means I will naturally start another project! Besides above and my new found hiking area which is a good alternative to fighting with gypsies, I am having very little spare time left!
     Don't want to turn into the guy below (not that I frequent fourCh@n, it is just that they are better news-diggers than Swedish media, so whenever something big happens, that is the place to be... sadly... ). It is weird to watch these things unfold before they happen, so to speak...

Whatever, I still think this attack was less savage than the horrible Ikea-attack. Point being, Sweden is the least safe nation in the Western World nowadays, especially if you are a caucasian woman, which I am not so I am expected not to care. Also, I am armed to the teeth! With models!

Well, not 12-year old models (she is actually 12 years old, way to go fashion-world, my God do I hate the hypocrisy of the fashion world and our current Western media!), but little lotr-models I mean...

With that media-rage out of the way, let us guess what project I will start to try to forget knife-murders in Ikea and schools made by savages?

Yes, you are right, a Mer-Wyrm! Those giant snail-snake-worms in Hobbit 3 that has the hallmark of Peter OtT Jackson, which just explodes out of the bedrock and then timely dissappears to let the white orcs pour through the newly excavated tunnels!

The ice-thingies will be used as inspiration for the sister-project: Frost Wyrm. November will not be Mowember, but Wyrmember!!! Wooohooo!
    Also, none of these fine creations are mine, I should add. These are inspiration!


The best one is undoubtedly the worm from 13th century Birka, depcited below:

Depicted above by some historian from Italy (from 13th century, republished in one of the earliest printed materials from Germany, Servum Scandum et Ultimus Thulus), is an Elk-worm, that was nearly extinct in the 18th century here in Sweden (they never crossed the mountains to Norway, and were very rare in Finland and northern Russia), or älgmask, as we Swedes call it. They eat minerals and can grow as large as six meters (nearly 20 feet!), they actually have four pairs of legs, not six, and have eyes similar to spiders. Biologists put them in in the vertebrae-section, and that is just about as much I know about them... I have seen them when on a hike, but I did like any other normal Swede would have done, and made a 180 and ran the other direction. These guys kill more people annually than wasps and bee does, at least in Sweden.
      Nowadays only some eighty specimen remain, of which twenty live in captivity. Be sure to check them out if you go to Stockholm, visit Södermalm Zoological BRF for a nice view on these exotic creatures, which seems to have been largely unnoticed by the rest of the world...
     They became nearly extinct with the introduction of common gunpowder weapons when the peasantry finally could stop these furies from destroying the little good arable land they had!
     These beasts are probably what Peter OtT Jackson was inspired by, but he upped the ante somewhat, making them nearly 60 m (or 200 feet!) long.

Truth is not a chimaera, but something you should be able to find by yourself... Remember that when reading any text, whether they be fourCh@n greentext, newspapers in Sweden or North Korea or elsewhere, or... a blogpost!

Whilst looking for inspiration for the Hunter Orcs I found these dudes and dudettes, but I realized they look too much like the common Stockholm Hipster, so I discarded them. The headgears are interesting though...

So, what does (or is it do?) the future hold for my hobby? I think I want to finally make the HoMM3-project, and also let myself be inspired by Zerg...
    But that is for another update. Goodnight one and all!

Edit: Added some text...

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  1. Wow what a post! I return to this blog just in time for this yes!

    1. A bit ranty, but I think I dragged it over the threshold of acceptance ;)

  2. Well, if you are telling the truth about the worms, that is terrifying. I do not think it would only be Swedes turning 180 and running for the hills at those monsters approach! Hmm, come to think of it, ' got ta get me one of does!', so I could scare my unintelligent dogs. They'd freak!

    1. Yes, got you back for the moose-story ;D Happily no such creatures exist (but I suspect you suspected that)

    2. Haha! what a relief. Although I wasn't sure. One never knows what might be living in the primordial mists of Ultima Thule!

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