Painting the Angband Beast

This sculpting project did in way turn out better than I had expected, but in another way, I am thoroughly dissappointed with it, or rather, myself: This model is clearly not finished, but I had a deadline and in order to keep with it, as I had promised myself (promises to oneself are highly important, in my opinion), I just smacked some tentacles or horns on it's back, tidied up the worst fingerprints in the Super Sculpey and called it a day...

The scaling on the shoulders is just groundwork, it is missing a whole lot of detailing.

For a generic fantasy model the pose and anatomy feels "believable", but for a 2nd Age Lord of the Rings monster - coming screeming out of an Angband grotto - not so sure... It would not be very practical with the spike-tentacles or the big horns.

No teeth did he get, either... However, I have been quite good at going back and either redoing or destroying old projects, so I take solace in that. Solstice? I take solstice in that? Well, what do I know, even the shining sun has it's dark spots (AKA: I am very humble).

3 kommentarer:

  1. Well, no matter what you say I still wouldn't want to be one of those poor elves at the Nírnaeth Arnoediad who had to stand up to one of these beasties charge!

    1. Hehe, nerd alert, I like it ;D

      Not sure if I should give it some serious rules, or just use it the Mordor Troll rules, though... even the "throw rock"-rule, not that this guy would be able to get a hold of anything with those beautiful nails :/


  2. Well, you no me, I all for doing stuff your own way so I say go and write some rules!