Angband Beast, 98% done

This guy... thiiiis guuuy... He has been a headache for over 9000 days now, and I managed to miss his deadline. But here he is, just 11 days late...

Strange colour-scheme? Yes, that is because I need glasses but am too cheap to buy a pair, so I have to settle with dry-brushing white on black to see any fingerprints or weird sculpting-misses I have made.

There were a lot of misses, hence the 98% done annotation...

I have his thumbs ready, they aren't yet attached. This is a design of my own (with some inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic III's Behemoth (the fingers/hands) and also some inspiration from GW's Ogre Kingdom's Thundertusk (the horns!)).
This guy is not ready for my paintbrush yet, he needs some GS-therapy before that happens.

Sculpting within a deadline really has proven to be a hobby killer. But since I have never really enjoyed this hobby, I suppose it is all well within expectations. A man just do! Whether or not it brings him joy...

And this bastard. Finally finished painting him. Not showing you the crew, too bored to take a picture of them...

Lastly, I bought a bunch of "technical" paints from Vallejo. Chipping and crackling medium - if any of you have any input on these mediums - especially when working on the rust on the battle platform of my GBoG, please, feel free to comment below.
   Llama out!

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  1. Hmm, haven't used Vellejo paints but for rust I have found GW vermin brown quite adequate. Don't know if this is the current name though.

    1. I use some reds and browns from Coat d'Arms for rust - but these mediums from Vallejo that I mention above have some special properties that involve alternation of the behaviour of acrylic paints. I shall have to experiment!

      /Llama, not logged-in