This month's projects and an analysis...

... of my lacking design skills. I know that these skills exists somewhere deep inside me, some form of profficient designer, but I can't for my life bring him to life when I try to make the blueprints for a project. I should have just copied these:

... and saved me a lot of time and headaches.... Instead I insisted on my own designs. I did however learn a lot, so if I were to ever redo the Big F-project it would probably be better if I simply and shamelessly copied the above designs.
    I suppose you live and you learn. I have taken mr Joshas advice and added four fish on the base (and a red starfish!) and I also intend to add some more colour to it in some shape or form; I went on a little nature-adventure and found me some beard-lava (skägglav) which I promptly coloured to add as seaweed.

For October we can anticipate sculpting of a Frost Wyrm. Also, we can expect a post on a painted Work Troll (unless it looks like utter garbage!), and not to mention the finished Big F.
   Stay tuned dear readers.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Glad to hear that! It will take a while though! I want to get the Valar project up and running first, before reduxing this project. Not to mention I need to fix the Rhun Automatons!

  2. I don't know, I think you did a great job with the big F. I prefer your version to the pics above. Looking forward to the frost wyrm. One question is will it have wings?

    1. I am actually very happy to hear you say that! I will look to Ultima VII for inspiration on the Frost Wyrm, as well as the Tolkien Bestiarium... so... I am not sure. It was a good question though ;D