Painting converted Hunter Orcs

I went up earlier than normal today and have slushed on two thinned basecoats (a brown and a Bleached Bone-variant from Vallejo) on the white primer/basecoat, and waited for them to dry and then I mixed Panzer Grej Swarsch-something (also from Vallejo) with some warmer browns, as well as a thinner and some mediums to get the overall wash flow slightly better. It was too thick, so I added a few drops and the first wash turned out nice.

I imagine that the guy holding up the club is their captain. The 1si5-wannab33 was made in part due to laziness (the other part was that I could not find a suitable left arm - I am all out!).
Both archers are going for new arrows (is this called nocking an arrow? Google will help! But not today).

Left to do:

1) Paint the metals and bones. And feathers in happy colours... Some sort of tribalness they should have.
2) Another wash.
3) Fixing bad washes (like exaggerated dark pooling in recesses) with some Bleached Bone.
4) New wash, slightly darker but probably thinner than normal.
5) Adding some accent, or spot-colour, as it were.
6) Minor detailing - I will not go overboard with this paintjob, as usual.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, really looking good! I think it is called nocking, although I am not that well versed in archery lingo. I like the dark eldar dagger on one of the archers ;) Nice to see you up and hobbying so bright and early!

    1. My fuck, someone did notice the 40k-bit! I had hoped no-one would :D That is a lot of internet points to you Josha!

      Do you think it works? It might look a bit too bulky and "clean"... ?

      /Llama, not logged in

    2. I do think it works. It made me go hunting in my bitz pile for no less than three likewise daggers for my own orcs (although I think it works with hunter orcs better).