Mordor Orc conversions, phase two!

Still waiting for American Dad season 12 or 13 to begin (they changed network and some unwarranted confusion set on about how to number the seasons, hence my dis-knowledge on the season-number), so I have settled with the first episode of the Walking Dead, which is an acceptable tv-series.
     Instead of watching funny American Dad when converting, I resorted to Garagehammer. That guy is churning out a lot of quality and deserve a pat on the back, or money, whatever he prefers.

These conversions are based on a Perry Miniatures' ACW-cannon-fodder-man, some Mantic Ghouls and some Mantic Zombies as well as two, perhaps three Perry Miniatures' Mahdist Ansar Somali Holy Warriors-bodies.

Most of the right arms are from GW:s Hunter Orcs, as well as the nice heads, which was the reason I ever started this project.

The green guy to the left is not the Hulk, but one of my earlier tries in GS, an attempt to make a Half-Troll of Far Harad. He will now be just a big, stupid orc for my Gorgoroth Orc Horde. 
    In this picture you can see a so called WoMT that has been converted into an orc by the cunning use of a head-swap. The idea behind it is the orc slew a Warrior of Minas Tirith and took his gear... the shield insignia will have to go - no orc will want to fight with the white tree...

I have some ideas of making these guys compatible with Battle Hosts, giving them specialized gear such as climbing gear and ropes, a big torch, a horn and so on. It is my hope that these conversions will be the most "busy" models I have ever produced, with bases filled with stuff... I am using parts from all over the world for this in fact rather simple project, and intend to keep GS:ing to a minimum - the Fastitocalon made me tired of sculpting for a while...

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  1. Very clever idea with all the different models combined. As my current project is orcs I shall now reconsider getting those same components and mixing them up except with gs to the maximum. Loving your work! keep it up!

    1. Very happy to hear that! Go all the way with the GS, Josha!