Painting the Giant Turtle

I have tried out two different paint-schemes and had originally planned five variations, but the problem is that the model is so big that it takes forever to test out even one! I have settled for this muted, near-rotting, brownish-green colour-scheme. 
     The barnacles are all dead, the little boat is entagled with it's [giant] anchor and has sat on the critter's shell for ages. Kelp has been entangled and seaweed grows sparingly (I did not overdo this as I had originally planned, mostly due to laziness, but also for other reasons, namely design-choises).

Some warm lightning from a L.E.D.-lamp from Ikea, and also light from an expensive daylight bulb made this "fantastic" image. The dark background (which was not big enough for this model!) helps for some reason, and makes my pictures slightly better than they used to be. Remember, I am one of the worst photographers in the mini-wargaming-blogosphere. Well, self-aclaimed worst photographer...

I need your input dear readers: What are the next steps to this base? Details, decorations, colours, painting?! Anything goes!

The spears are harpoons/giant ljusters... Notice how the base is uneven? That is because it is a shitty resin-copy made in a dazed and confused state which no-one should ever strive for... The fumes of the polyurethane likely made me very lacking in my critical thinking-department, or whatever dude...

Browns and browns and some greens. But where are the spot colours, I hear you ask? I do not know... maybe you can help me! Input on how to fix this mess which took most of my hobby-time this last months.
   In the words of the everliving Kjell-Olof Feldt: Löntagarfonderna är ett jämrans skit, men vi har baxat dem ända hit.
    The poem is exactly how I felt when doing this project. The legs are totally wrong for it's position and I had intended it to be more "looming", and so on and so on... Anyways, I went with it and I hope I have salvaged what could be salvaged from my hobby time of September.

Löntagarfonder är ett jävla skit, men nu har vi baxat dem ända hit.
Sen ska de fyllas med varenda pamp,
som stött oss så starkt i våran kamp.
Nu behöver vi inte gå flera ronder,
förrän hela Sverige är fullt av fonder.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Thanks Scott! It is big, but I find it difficult to convey that largeness out of this particular model. It has been difficult!

  2. Haha! Google translated the poem! Very amusing especially seeing I don't think google translates well.
    Otherwise very well done! Perhaps a fish on the base to give some colour? Maybe that's too...wrong? not sure of the word. I like the base. I think it looks like a dried up river bed or the bottom of a rocky bay when the tides gone out?
    ps: I have seen the boat. And if this wasn't a lotr miniature and therefore sacred I think a half drowned confused looking fisherman would look funny sitting in it. But don't do that. This is a serious miniature. :)
    sorry for the loooong feedback and thoughts.

    1. I added your fish as you suggested, and I will try to paint them so as to "pop" ever so slightly....

      As you say: It is a serious Arda-mini :D so we shall stay out of those WHFB-design-choices. But I did add a half skeleton, nevertheless!