Finished Fastitocalon!

ON TIME!!! WIIIIHOOO! You all said it was impossible, I was ridiculed and cyber-beaten but I perservered and here we are! In your face!
    Please note that I have directly translated my native language into English because frankly, I am tired of trying to adapt my lingual flow into another type. Next update will be better, so please bear with me.

This goddamn project has been 0% fun and 100% work and it proves various things about me and the Western human-mind, which we will not dwell on at this particular moment. 
     The weird spears are captain Ahab ljusters, or maybe harpoons?

Empty, huge 160 mm base for my enjoyment. To decorate and then to destroy with bad water-effects from GeeDubb. I think it was mr Scott of Scott's Wargaming that pointed out that other companies make better water effects... only problem is I am a big cheapskate and want to finish this bottle before buying another one (whatever the brand may be).

This is one way of making seaweed. Kelp is made in a similar way, but the individual strands are much wider and longer, around 4 mills wide and 60 mills long.

I made seaweed in GS, for the more visible parts of the big model.

Enter watery mess... It may look unorganized and messy but is actually worked after a plan...

Biggest issue this last day on working with the Big F has been the feet and how to best fixate them to the big base... There are still needs to be satisfied when it comes to the connection between the polystyrene feet and the SS-legs. GS will likely be the remedy.

Last angle. I had for some reason planned to paint it before beginning of October, but I may give myself some leeway here... That is all for today fellow hobbyists, nerds, Ardaists and assorted human beings.

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  1. AmaaaaaZING! Are you going to put the shattered hull of that fishing boat thingy from last post anywhere? Thought it was really well sculpted just like all your work! Well done.

    1. Thank you! That was nice to hear! ;D

      The little boat has been attached, but I am not sure if I made it "pop" enough... Painted, it should stand out a bit more. I hope your vay-cay is progressing nicely, btw :D