Head of Fastitocalon

I have begun working on the head of the beasty, and have tried four different versions and settled with this, the less dramatic one.
   Also, I am waiting for my monthly salary. It seems that one of the jobs I worked last month has decided to "forget" me, it was an in every way unprofessional work-place and it was the first time I just left without even having my papers in order, so there might be some form of retaliation going on there (I worked in a obscure part of their administration making boring calls to boring people and filling in very important but equally boring forms!). 
      For Christ's sake, when I wandered into the production part of the small facility I found out that they had employed "paperless" people (illegal immigrants!) that worked for what seemed like Chinese wages! All the signs and instructions were in Arabic or Cyrillic!
      So, I might be going full-on retard on the matter if I do not get my paycheck, which means: No updates for weeks to come. So I hope I can solve this with another phonecall, or perhaps a soft legal threath (of which I know nothing).
    We shall hold our thumbs and hope that I will not be able to use this as an opportunity to avoid sculpting on the Big F.

In other mildy interesting news, I have been working on the Big F (that's the Fastitocalon, for you!):

This is the general stature of it, it will be mounted on a coastal base with either craggy rocks or water-polished rocks, surrounded by ship-wreckage things like barrels and broken planks.
     Picture below is the underside which is really not important since it will not be visible. I have sawed off the legs to simplify the sculpting process of them. Originally there were no plans of adding scales on said legs, but I will weer off that path and make some god-darn scales to avoid them looking as bland as they otherwise will.
   The creature, although fantastical in it's own way, has a very vanilla taste, in my opinion. It is bland, despite being a giant sea monster, and that is how I intended it. You can very well make something more dynamic or dramatic, but this is how I have always imagined them: Close to friendly, but still a stupid beast (like a giant tortoise or a dolphin).

You can see that the legs look a bit stumpy and weird, which is naturally because they are just bare armature and await muscles and scales - or at least a more interesting texture. Below, I had just added some white spray paint in order to better see cracks, fingerprints and the overall lacking texture - this is something I have to do in each project, I have realized, to get a better end result.

Legs sawed off, and an orc for size-comparison hidden in the black background, surrounded by the giant re-done tail. The tail will hopefully make Big F a bit more dynamic but still without compromising the lumbering, slow feeling of the beast.

The biggest base available: 160 mm mûmakil base.

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