Fastitocalon, sculpturing phase 2

I should start this post by stating that I am well aware that the actual word is "sculpturing" and not "sculpting". With that out of the way, we continue with these images:

This ugly Fokke-Wulf is the next stage of my Big F, a k a Fastitocalon. This is a mock-up of how it will look with it's feet right on.

Curve of the model is naturally intended. It is to be placed traversing "dramatic" rocks. Dramatic within bunny-ears.

Huge, remodeled tail. Uncured, sketch-sculpey to get a general feel for the apperance of the critter.

He has that particular look that all the models sculpted by that woman over at GeeDubb has: Gaping maw and right front limb raised. Look at the Dark Elf Dragon, the monsters for Storm of Magic etc - they all look the same! And now I have settled into that mini-crowd with my Big F.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good. Its really coming together! Wouldn't want to be swimming and bump into it! I can just picture it crawling up the side of a middle earth battle ship to the complete horror and aggravation of the crew.
    Great work.