Fastitocalon, phase 2½

Yes, yes, it is all about the ugly fastitocalon. All updates are now just about this ugly project which actually seems to scare my readers away.
    But what is actually a fastitocalon? Well I can tell you, he is an awesome 50% salamander, 50% turtle, 50% tortoise, 50% sea dragon and a whopping 1000% fastitocalon. Zero percent failure, aaaawyeaaah!
    It is also the project which upon contemplating the choises in design, that has given me most to ponder upon, and also given me most headaches - also, it was hard to design.
     As you might have noticed, the old Swedish saying "han gör hellre än bra" (literary translation: "he does rather than good") suits well. The saying is a bit hard to translate but roughly means "he'd rather do it than do it well", it sounds a bit more passive aggressive-funny in Swedish, because there is a mildly camouflaged linguistic subtlety in it's Swedish form. 
    Back to the saying: I am trying to say that I have had a bit too relaxed view on sculpturing, and I am trying to get better, to actually study animals, skeletons and muscles to get creatures that look better. Designing has always been a problem for me, because I think everything looks over the top, but the problem is, an exaggerated model looks much, much better than an understated one. Especially when the understated design is not only not following simple biology/joint-physics, it is also executed by a mediocre sculpturer. Despite all this (I am talking about my own woes here), I intend to drag this whole affair over the line, finish it and by God will I try to make it look good!

The head needs some extra details, although I have yet to find a satisfying solution to that. It looks to bare at the moment.

Seemingly unnatural hand-pose, but actually copied from a similar creature. No muscles to "explain" the weird pose might be what breaks it. I have still decided to keep it as it is.

Mock-up raised position using aluminium-balls and uncured SS.

The black and yellow lines of paint are there to help me raise each giant scale slightly, when I start working on the later phases of the shell.

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