Fastitocalon, the skeleton of it...

The base creature is nearing completion, you could say that I am one step ahead of the armature and am now fleshing the beast out. I have three sketches for the head, and they all look quite bland, since I necessarily do not see it as an evil creation. Evil models typically get that screaming, open-mouth syndrome, which I dislike, but is quite effective in it's "transmission" of intent.

Claws are from the kit I used to make Kraken, a 40K-kit which I prophetized I would get some extra use from, and so I did. There are a lot of good monster-bits in that Tyranid-box...

Speaking of monsters, here are my monstrous Photoshop-skills. This is how the Angband Beast will hopefully turn out when I am finally finished with it. Every step with this creature has been uphill and I force myself to add a tiny bit of GS or SS every other week. The design was flawed, and hence the sculpting has turned sour for me. Really, I should just throw it away and restart, but I insist on doing this, or rather persevere.

Mordor Work Troll turned out atrociously bad from the front, so for an image of the finished project you will have to settle with a paparazzi-picture from behind. His arms looks unnatural and the face is way too simple. I might go back and finish this within the end of this month.

All in all, the projects have been a bit uninspired, a bit forced, so I might have to rethink my philosophy of having a "release schedule", even an informal one seems to press out the litte joy I get out of the hobby. I have always looked at our hobby as bordering to labour, or work, and adding an informal release date, it finally crossed the border to work.
    I will do some soul-searching on the matter.

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