Sunday Mix: Giant Turtle - slow progress; The Valar and other unassorted things

A long title for a short update. First off, I can tell you, as I said in the previous update, that I have been doing other things instead of the hobby. Secondly, the deadline for finishing this giant turtle/fastitocalon is closing in rather fast...

 Here is where I am at right now, not very far, as you can tell.
This is where I want to get to within the end of next week (PHOTOSHOP SKIII11LZZZ!!! LOLZ!). A lot of filling out, working on the silhouette (spelling?) and some small detailing work. The detailing will be the last and I will not fall in the classic trap of having a too low level of detailing, just because the model is a large one. Un-detailed large monsters look bare and naked and the little of impressivness in their stature and posture is lost, in my opinion. Over-detailing makes it typically high-fantasy. Not to say that this is not a high-fantasy creation...

When searching for inspiration for the base (I will make a simple ground-base with sand and water effects but instead put my work into a lot of debris and ship-wreckage, as if it has just destroyed a small boat!) I found this... Australia. How I miss that country, one of the best places in the world I would say, if not the best. Not for it's fantastic nature and coastal areas and surfing and all that - no, it's the people. Fantastic land, interesting culture and a place where women are women and men are men!

This is a project I have been secretly collecting bits and parts for. I lost the name of the creator of the image above. It is a tad too manga for me, but it still holds some truth in the portrayals. I will make my Sauron in his beautiful version, before he was overtly fallen. Images above and below are purely for slight inspiration. I have already made my own (bad) sketches. Not sure on the sizes, but I think the 40K C'tan models on 40mm bases are something to aim for. Some of the Valar I will make slightly larger, but try to anchor them as obvious giants with either their bases or by adding some details that shows that they are indeed 28mm models and not 1:48-scale humanoid models.

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  1. Going to be interesting. Cant wait to see your interpretation of the Valar! I am a great fan of the pre-history of middle earth so this is quite exciting. With the first picture however(of the Valar), Manwe looks female when I always pictured him|her as male.
    Hope you also do melian the maia.

    1. Due to my lacking knowledge of the Tolkien world (relatively speaking), I have never appreciated the 2nd Age and 1st Age, but there are a lot to get from those times, hobby-wise, but it is sometimes a bit like squeezing blood out of a rock.

      Melian is a lesser maia, my tomes tell me, and I may or may not do it ;)

      And of course should Manwe look very manly, he is not a girl!