Promises and a leviathan

First off, I would like to say that I promised the paint-recipe for the heavily themed Wood Elf Palace Guards, and rest assured that I have not forgotten that promise, it just so happens that I can't find the notes, and I might have thrown them away.

Secondly, this is my planned pre-post-plan, posterióri of posting:

1) This post: Fastitocalon sculpting update.
2) Selling off/trading my Thranduil on Elk.
3) Notification on the simple fact that I will not continue my efforts of publishing a Battle Companies-PDF, due to me not knowing enough SBG/Hobbit-SBG-rules. I have not abandoned the project, it will just not happen this year of 2015.
4) An update on the WotR-rules-revampation.
5) Post pictures of the finished Mordor Work Troll.
6) A feature (-ette?) on Baichoro's excellent WotR-rules-project.
7) Fastitocalon, phase three update.
8) Re-hash of an old, finished project that I have repainted and renovated.
9) A rambling article on something.
10) Finished fastitocalon.

Naturally, the list above is more for my own benefit, but there might be someone that can enjoy the teasing-factor. Perhaps. Hopefully.

So, fastitocalon, DIY-project massif:

People that have followed my different projects know that this spindly, ugly thing might very well turn out into an okay/barely acceptable model - do not be afraid of it's current, lack-luster state!
You can see the first version to the left of the centered leviathan-turtle, the third version I have thrown away (wasted a good two days on that one), and the second is the one I have kept going with.

I have noticed that it helps a lot to "sketch" with Super Sculpey. The legs are just soft, uncured Super Sculpey, which gave an impression of the critter's mankhöjd, whatever it is called in English (some Swedish reader, please help me with the correct expression!)
    Also, I present to you, for the first time, my uncensored right hand! Huuuuge news!

Another sketch picture where the giant scales are just uncured Super Sculpey, as well as the leg. Notice that the tail is very much inspired by eels. The head will be Muraenidae-inspired, perhaps even a mixture of tortoise/shark and other sea-things.

I like reading and studying, although I am part of the infamous Socialgrupp three (the socially lowliest of the low, here in old Ultima Thule)... despite that fact I have started looking for inspiration in the very wild and crazy Indian and Mesoamerican religions and cultures. The Scandinavian cultures are also extremely interesting and filled with lots of inspiring shards of stories and images which I intend to draw from when expanding my own twisted Arda. So, stay tuned if you like - but before you decide you do not like, take a look at the complete idiot above, in all his yellow glory, and say to yourself: How can anyone go wrong, being inspired by that?!

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  1. You learn something new every day. I grew up around horses and still had no idea about the English word for mankhöjd. Well, here you go:

    1. Well thera I go ;D Thank you herr Nissvik!

      My new place is just a few klicks from a big "stuteri" and those horses are beautiful and all, but that doesn't necessarily mean one can learn every pertinent term of said animals, as you rightly put it!