Repainting homemade Great Beast of Gorgoroth

After giving the GBoG a good overhaul the originally lacking paintjob became atrociously bad and I am now under good way of repainting it, inbetween working on the giant turtle/Fastitocalon/Big F, which understandedly (is that even a word?) is not getting a lot of love. Myself, I love work-in-progress pictures and bare green stuff, armatures and naked skeletons, but according to blogger-stats, most of my readers for some reason prefer the finished product, a painted model. I typically find painted models boring - whether they be well painted or Llama-painted. And why is that? Why, because if they are badly painted they are uninteresting to look at, and if they are painted too good it is a discouragement of the sort "oh, vey, I can never paint as well". Hence, I prefer the potential of the unpainted, unfinished ultra-conversion!

Despite all that, here is a painted version of this totally home-sculpted Gorgoroth Beast.

Basecoat of Bleached Bone (or the equivalent, I use Vallejo or AP:s colour, not entirely sure since my computer is located at another table than my hobby), covered with a sloppy wash of Panzer Grey, Negro Black, BB and some red (to get a warmer feeling).

A second wash was added. Base and creature are inseparable in my Mordor army, which is how I want it. All the Mordor bases are drab and dreary, just as my unispired paintschemes of said models.

Unpainted eyes makes it look as it suffers from a certain syndrome.

With and without howdah... some reds to tie it further to Mordor.

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  1. Looking good, another project nailed. well done! You should start a llama miniaturres kickstarter! I would back one. haha
    good now need to sleep...............

    1. Well perhaps I will :D Or maybe not, but you got me thinking about it... :o