Rotten fish and planning a shell

This weekend was not entirely used for sculpturing, as one might expect when looking at my very, very slow progress with the giant turtle. No, I also had some sour herring (surströmming), which is fermented herring. Herring has a distinct taste in itself when dragged up from Botnia (not sure how it tastes in other parts of the world, what the fish eats, and what kind of water it lives in tend to have a great effect on how it tastes when you eat it... as we all know but I felt obliged to state this, nevertheless) and when fermented for several months, it tastes really bad. All the traditional stuff around it helps to make the taste less offensive for the unused, poor souls tasting it for the first time.
    My table-lady ate them whole with potatoes.

The tiny uncooked filet in the upper part of the picture was all I dared eat that night since the taste and smell is near-rancid. It is still considered a delicacy, and I tend to agree with that statement.

Mildly connected to the sour-herring above is this creature's shell. The red dots (barely visible since they are close to the beast's waterline) indicate where I will add barnacles; the dotted lines where I will try to make seaweed, the X and Y marks the spots and so on. I will really try to force myself to go to town with this otherwise bare shell.

You can see a strange, uncured piece of SS in the upper right, and that is how I "sketch" in 3D. From the beginning I planned to have a destroyed little boat (eka) resting on the shell or perhaps even attached in some way to the shell.

This silly little miniature wreck has taken me nearly two hours to sculpt (with breaks and long periods of sighing instead of working - I was bored out of my chair), and it is finally done.
      Project Fastitocalon has been a demanding project and there are only two days left to work on it! I am slowly getting some form of basic confidence that I might actually be able to pull this project off, and make it look if not stunning or great, then at least nearly satisfying. If not for the design, then for the correct execution of a bad plan! Your thoughts on my philosophy here? Add a comment and let me hear what you have to say on the matter. That is all for tonight, Llama out!

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