GBU August 2015!

General Blogging Update!

As you all know I am currently concentrating on making a bunch of models, in a slightly better quality than I typically do, and this has made me have to cut some other parts of the hobby off, namely the Battle Companies-project. I have decided to remove this project from my consciousness and thank those who have given me material (namely mr Legatus Headlius, the hobby-world's most elegant man!) and rest assured that I will come back to it someday, perhaps even before end of 2018!
    The WotR-revampation project went belly-up after I accidently set fire to the HDD that I stored the project on (this is actually true, although I do not believe many people will believe me!), but I have since started redoing the army-roasters, and am currently looking to fix the magic and other things I disliked about the system. 
     The problem is that there others doing the exact same thing and better! So we shall see how this concludes. I should probably have added links to both mr Legatus and the guy redoing the WotR-rules, but I am not at my normal computer, so it has to wait to another evening.
    In other news, I watched Turbo Kid (after watching Kung Fury (made by Södermalm-Swedes, fucking idiots, but they still managed to make an acceptable movie)) which was charming, just charming!

Turbo Kid is "new retro", as seen above...
    I am pushing Super Sculpey around and I am having problems with the fastitocalon, as was expected... super difficult, I should have made a definite blueprint instead of three combo-versions...

When stealing other people's ideas (see innuendo-afficionado carrot-sucker above), such as the Great Beast of Gorgoroth, everything is a lot easier (see above again), but when trying to make something entirely from scratch it is much more difficult... See below, this is how the Big F is going forward. This is a near-literal interpretation.
Picture above is to illustrate in a non-comical way how I go about my days nowadays, and perhaps in some ways tying into the problems of being not-as-creative as I had hoped to be by my mature age of circa 35.

I tried to update my wardrobe as well... Didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Everything is going to crap, but I will try to fix it, after all I have three days left to work on the Big F!

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  1. Finally returned to your blogg and is currently laughing out loud (for realless)