Boardgaming. No miniatures.

I am just destroying my traffic-rates here, but it is not important.... Just wanted to explain why there will be no hobby updates this weekend: There's been some serious boardgaming going on right now. Some cardgames and also, the now-classic Tw1ll19ght 1mper1um. Tonight, I won!!!

After all the other seven players ganged up on me, I lost the capitol-planets and was not allowed to score points anymore, but I managed to win the hexagon with a special condition that allowed you to win on 9 points, and since I was on 9 points (which was the reason why all my Swedish, socialist-marinated co-players ganged up on me - the nail that stands up must be nailed down!) I won the game! This was most satisfactory, and I would even go as far as say as it levels on getting a hot 10 to melt! I mean, the same time of money and time spent is roughly the same - as is the prestigue. At times, we were actually quite angry with one another, which feels rather healty, being a non-confrontative Swede (well, I am not, but I thought it was something good for the co-players).
    Red rings shows how few forces I had left after the others had ****-r*ped me with their over-whelming forces. But in this game, it is all about the points! I did some sneaky, gobliny backstabbing though...

All in all, I could feel my beard grow a few mills after winning this and squishing a few hands in friendly hand-shakes. Not sure if I will get invited next time though, I was playing some serious cloak and dagger traitor-shit right-heeeurr, aaawyeeeah!

Also, I am working on the fastitocalon, but haven't got enough to be worth a separate update. Perhaps on Tuesday... We shall se...

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