Fastitocalon base with water effects and more...

Edit: Forgot the link to American Dad..

... moar and moar! After indulging in some Turkish amphetamines* I started work on not only some of the models I need to fix (namely the Angband Beast, Work Troll and painting of the GBoG), but also on my apartment and also my hair! I have been trying to get that sexy Justin Bieber look for almost 15 months and I am finally there. Feels good man [said the R9K-man]. Sexy, sexy...

Shitty water-effects from Games Wokshop, for all your wok-needs. Please notice the starfish and the four silver-coloured fish.

Yellow eyes for "effect". An effect that is very lacking. But I will get better at painting, I promise!

Angband Beast getting a few of his spikes, and the Mordor Work Troll/Catapult Troll is being readied for painting. Also, a white wash has been added on the daemon number one, AKA Balrog.

Fastitocalon/Giant Snapper Turtle. Without water-effects.

I have added some weird lava from birch trees as seaweed on the base and on the back of the critter.

*) Added the link to American Dad, I do not endorse the use of any drugs anytime... Especially not when doing our hobby, it is expensive as it is...

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  1. Not sure about the other stuff but the Justin Bieber hair sounds exciting ;D

    1. Well, the hair on my head is non-existant, I am very short-haired, just joking around a bit :)

  2. There is a lot to like about this. All the fiddly little bits decorating it, the structure of the skin and shell, the choise of colors and painting, and the overall design. In reference to some of your own naggin in this and earlier posts: The feets to the rear could have been a bit bigger/longer or sumthin. Could also have been possible to make the head a bit more over the top by shaping the skull a bit sharper with grooves in front of the eyes (hard to explain what I mean here). Perhaps let the skin stretch over a sharper jaw/teeth line also and maybe even show off some of the gum. And I would have liked to see the tail taper off much faster. Really like the neck and the overall design of the head. You may not have asked for feed-back but I so enjoy shitting on other people's parades :) Would love to see a pic with a foot soldier next to it for scale.

    1. Hahah! That was some good critique indeed - let me see what I can do ;D