Finished Hunter Orcs

The whole gang. The white orc with a club. A whole company of orcs armed with bows, which of course is usable for my regular orcs. Most of these guys can be used as fillers for regular orc formations.
Some fire-effects on the brazier, followed these very good instructions, but got bored and it looks sort-of like fire.

Repositioned the tarsier, sorry - the "Angband Beast" - ever so slightly to be more balanced. Thank you mr FoB for reminding me on the matter.

He has got a near-monochrome paint-scheme which I am fine with. My first idea was to add some accents via the eyes, but green eyes did not look well, so he got some black-red eyes instead. Very tarsiery...
    Again, I would need to work a lot more on the textures on this model, but I can't be bothered this year. Maybe next year. I might finish it's mouth before January 2016, because it is in dire need of some dental work but again, we will see...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well done! They fit right in!
    Ps. I like the pic of the furry Gollum. Very realistic! ;D

    1. Hahah! That might actually be the prime inspiration for Gollum!