King of Rhûn on Palanquin

The Crazy Easterling King, being carried into battle by his whipped royal slaves. Very much a WIP. Before you go and say: How can twelve malnourished slaves carry that much crap? Well, as a Swede I have a lot experience with woodcarving, and especially woodcarvings made to look like... well, wood covered in leafgold. The whole contraption is estimated to weigh the following:

- King 84 kg.
- Banner and pole for said banner: 4 + 5 kg.
- Wicker-based palanquin with a heavy "oriental" rug ontop: 11 kg + 19 kg (carpets are heavy indeed!)
- Wooden carvings (dried wood weighs much less than the regular branches you'd find in your strolls through the park which are filled with water) and minor statuettes in bronze (hollow): 32 + 32 + 12 + 12 + 18 + 22.
- Wooden reinforcements for the palanquin and other bits and pieces (like the King's fruit-bowl etc): 11 + 2.
- Total: Around 180 kilogrammes. Forgot the leafgold, let's say 40 grammes of leafgold for the whole tacky kitschi-ness that this thing will end up like: Red and golds and imitated black marble - painted on some crappy wood. Goes perfect with the theme.

I had two main ideas that I wanted translated into reality: A cluttered palanquin, with strange gods and animal-totems (as the Easterlings were said to be fond of, which I read in a publication about the cultures of Middle-Earth) and secondly, slaves carrying it.
    When I had made the mock-up it looked strange and weird and I thought, I wonder if I can make a really entertaining king? A happy fella'? And with a bit of luck, here he is: A happy fellow. He will be eating fruit and dades and do something whimsical (whatever that will be in the end, I know not - suggestions? I was thinking of an Arab-inspired water-pipe) with the right hand....


 Hohoho! Aaaah-hahahaha!

The inspiration is mainly from the movie 300 where Xerxes is being carried on his pyramidlike thingie by a gazillion slaves.
     This project is immensly enjoyable. I can really feel the hapiness of the Crazy King laughing and eating and getting fatter as the years pass by and I sit unchallenged (due to my craziness) in my black marble-imitation throne. My honourguard would undoubtedly be like the maniac's "police" of North Korea.

Rules: He will be a support-thingie, make his warriors be steadfast etc. Rules are coming, if anyone care to take a look at them.

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- And I am pleased to announce that with the help of  sirs Scott and Panagiotis have made it easier to subscribe to the blog. I still do not get the technicalities as I myself really would like to get this whole reader thing rather than manually go check favourites.

And a big thank you to Flower of Battle for providing the extremely informative link about female behaviour when "Gangnam style" plays. Aaawesome!

EDIT: Strange formulations and bad English fixed.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Cheers mate! I think it will look nice when painted with really ostentatious (thank you google translate) colours. Raffish and flaunty are the keywords here.

  2. Ha, ha -- this is a fun project! But not too far off from how royalty has liked to be treated historically in some places.


  3. Thanks määän, I tried it to be entertaining and almost "over the top". Update will follow