Let's celebrate Lucia with the annual burning of the Christmas-goat in Gävle!
    I lift my hat to the perpetrators, although I would have liked them to blow the thing up. The fire was spectacular, but still...
    In 1975, formuties tell us, the Christmas-goat was rammed down by a bunch of "rednecks in a large automobile". A few years it has simply been torn down by angry mobs (well, excited and happy, really) But most years, a good old heart-warming fire has been the way to go. In a way to warm our cold hearts before Christmas, to set the mood, sort of.
    A woman at work angrily exclaimed - after spending her time on her smartphone, instead of doing her job, just saying - that "now they've burnt it down again!". Of course I cheered, unknowingly this elder female's origin is from said town AND she doesn't take kindly to that kind of behavior. I glossed it over by laughing and leaving her standing there looking angry.

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