Scarlet Palanquin

The making of the Scarlet Palanquin is proceeding.

I couldn't stop myself from giving him a pair of those funny shoes with little elephant-trunk-look-alikes. I guess one could call them tassels with a twist...
     Inspirational sources:
Warplock Monkey's slann in TV-sofa (I never dared say that since it looked so nice in all other ways). I have followed his blog on the Warhammer Forum as well as a few other places where he have posted and his development is rather interesting, a very talented young man. He's business can be found here.
     The smoking slann is where I got the inspiration for the waterpipe. I can agree that the Scarlet Palanquin is getting almost too much of a Turkish 1600th century flair, but still, it amuses me... especially the fez together with the "rad" shoes.
     Xerxes... from 300. This picture (too lazy to rip one out of my own copy) were accompanied by a rather strange review of the movie 300... it was all about the man-role, gender this and metrophiles that... the blog was called slotech.wordpress.com, methinks. Rather strange. Can't recommend it, really.

Other news
Snow! All the buses were cancelled and the subway was stopped for a long period of time - why, I do not know. Last time I checked there was little to no snow falling UNDERGROUND!
      When I came home today my apartment was freezing...

And everybody wanted "information" and their "money back" from the different communal transportation systems. Everyone was talking only about this snowstorm. The only place where even such an important thing as this couldn't be taken seriously was of course at Sweden's largest forum. A thread about the commuting problems derailed almost instantly:

"This thread is NOT about:
- Who is most gay or leftist.
- Immigration
- The great storm of Gothenborg in '95.
- How often your granddad's friend walk 20 km to his work, regardless of the weather.
- The quality of the largest tabloid's reports of the storm.
... etc...

 40 cm snow, not 10 cm as some less-informed say.

The earlier warning "Brace yourselves" was warranted.

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