Size comparison - Goblins vs Goblins

Goblins from the Hobbit versus goblins from the Lord of the Rings. I also added some Mantic ghouls and zombies because I always like to promote these totally overused minis: I see them in many, many a project and still am not bored with them. Also, there is a thread on the Warhammer Forum where someone asked a question about this (in hindsight I am sure he wanted a comparison with the not-so-awesome WHFB-ghouls, but I hope this will be of help).

Hm, strange formatting here, but there you have them.
    I really like the smallest goblin, who apparently is a captain. As you can see, the new goblins are chunkier. But then again, the old plastic goblins were a prime example of 25-28 mm goblins - tiny but still possible to paint up well.

And a little endnote here, the spiders for Misty Mountains are continuing their efforts to bore me to death:

One day they will be finished. Next up is not a group shot of the whole goblin army - but some day it will happen.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks a lot for your review, it was enlightening in releation to the size of the new Goblins. It looks to me like the size of the old metallic prowlers. You are lucky, you have the new LE box.
    As for the spiders, I have placed them on differnt bases, not to be so boring.

  2. No way, I hadn't seen you were doing the same thing! It feels like this whole goblin thing is really getting out of control, left right and center! And I still have so much I want to do in regards of Misty Mountains.