The Crazy King of Rhûn

The Crazy King of Rhûn.

Painting continues. I gave up and just went the four "klicks" to the LFGS and bought me a... let me see what it says on the pot... a "Citadel LAYER - Auric Armour Gold(TM)". With an effing (TM), is it really necessary? Like with the Hobbit-rule booklet: Gandalf(TM), Bilbo(TM) - way to go spoil the feeling of the game. I am in a grumpy mood today because despite buying this new great colour, I could not undo the damage done by the old colour used yesterday. Not so smart. And rather annoying. To weigh it up, our good blogging-friend Maxamillian Walker over at Scyld and seax nominated this blog for the award that's going 'round. Thank you for that monsieur Walker, this have already brought some new readers to the blog, poor people... ;)

There's a whole lot still to do. I have to fix the Crazy King's pants, for starters. And figure out some sort of pattern on the black and/or red parts of the palanquin... don't worry, I won't do a Persian pattern. Or a Kurdish or Turkish-rug pattern. This guy isn't from Earth, he's from Arda... Besides, he doesn't look at all like an Iranian, he looks more like a sunburnt German.
     Enough with the biology. And enough with the blogging for tonight. Except for this little blog, found thanks to monsieur Walker. It is the HVM workbench by mr Wego. Unknown person. Coincidentally, he seems to be German...

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