The Thirteen dwarves done

So, I took my nap, woke up and finished the dwarves. Their faces all desperately need some more work, but I'll settle for this standard. Remember, jaows.blogspot AKA Llama's War of the Ring is about conversions and such, not the painting. I am however trying to push my average painting skills further, thanks to bloggers like this.

I also got me one of these! Yaaay!

And thank you Chris Guard of Mardat's Hobby blog for nominating me and four other blogging colleagues for the L. award! Go there and check out the other blogs, good stuff!
     I have been nominated once earlier and I really appreciate this, hopefully this award can spread smaller blogs that are updated regular or semi-regular for the enjoyment of others. The internet is packed with more or less free content, so it is good to know we are a bunch trying to give something back!
    Since I am unsure of the origin of the L. award I cannot fully participate and nominate others - it might surprise some people (if they gave a shait, as the Scotts say) that I have a lot of principles which I try to live by, way to convoluted to describe here, and hence stop me from going all the way with this nice initiative.
   Good day good people, this is probably the last update in a while, I will try to come back with some updates on Saturday.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Nice work and quick too! Well done.

  2. The dwarf waving his sword on the front row (top picture) looks good, the clothes are well done.
    Enjoy the film!

  3. Thanks guys!

    I'm looking forward to the Hobbit sooo much it's getting silly. But once in a while a man must let go of his discipline and just frolic in happy nerdiness :)

  4. Man, your work is awesome, fantastic.. I saw some pictures of Gandalf and Ragadast and is pretty cool too. Congratulations and nice work!!!

  5. Thank you very much mr Autor! A nice way to commence the new year!