The King of Rhûn

Painting begun.
A full mess it is, still... I have been trying to make a big white smile on him, but night's falling and it is just best to put down the brush and go to bed. Tomorrow's another day, as they say.

And the golden colour - Shining Gold from Citadel - have not aged well, I realized. This might be the reason why all the other projects with gold involved have been such messes. If I am able I shall go tomorrow and buy me a new one. I guess it will be of the new range - with the irritating lids.
    Recently, I got a little batch of Coat d'Arms colours (as recommended by Meeples & Miniatures) and they were indeed a perfect match with the Citadel colours. I even think he mentioned, over at M&M, that Coat d'Arms produced the colours for Citadel. Coat d'Arms colour-containers are okay, and the lids managable - at least they won't dry out the colour as easy as some other lid-types out there...

Short one today, see you all good readers in a few days.

4 kommentarer:

  1. A good start, if you apply another shinier gold over the top, this layer is a good undercoat.

  2. A very formidable throne, you have there!! Very nice!
    I use Vallejo, Game Colours 56, "Glorious Gold". It is ok and cheaper than GW.

  3. I've also nominated you for a Liebster award!


  4. @Maxamilian: Thanks for the nomination man!

    And in regards to the painting, you're right, I will need a shinier gold ontop! But more importantly, a shining gold that isn't made up of clumps and almost turning into dust!

    @Panagiotis: I do have a few Vallejo and am quite satisfied with them. I will have to save up a few items, can't order just a few dropbottles though...

    Too cold to go out today ;) I will prioritize family and relaxing this weekend instead of painting (I hope)!