The days before dipper-day.

A recent dental infection have made me uninclined (is that a word?) to hobby and blog. The antibiotics have helped but also made me rather weak - especially when taking into account the long workdays, beating those of factory workers of 19th century Manchester - but still not as long as your average Japanese salaryman's workday.
      That aside I have now taken reside in a snow covered area in a slightly more northern location which means there will be no hobby done until next year. I will however try to get something written here inbetween the Christmas celebrations (or yule as one may call it sometimes). The upcoming writings are mainly thanks to some nice comments here and positive PM's at certain forums.

Illustration by Ted Nasmith, used without permission as tradition bides.

Again, visit Ted Nasmith's homepage for some sweet illustrations.

I have been looking at some serious conversions... conversions comprising of Games Workshop's different more or less modular chaos kits, which, if toned down greatly are proving to be nice shortcuts to some ideas I entertain. I have already used the Bloodletters for a smaller version of Gulavhar and will use the rest for Werewolves! The pieces are all ready and will be worked on in early spring of 2013, in'challah!
       See Pablo El Marques for more information on this with the modularity of GW-kits (turn translate on if you do not speak his tongue) - you'll have to sort through dozens of interesting posts before you come to the intended post... I didn't manage to find the text in question, hence the somewhat "broad" link, heheh...

I have been thinking of these, the Plaguebearers, but it looks like there will be too much work to use them as goblins. Concerning their size, it seems not to be a problem, OldFogey or someone like him made a comparison over at The Warhammer Forum and they looked compatible.
    The best mix of kits overall that I have seen are between Daemonettes and Dryads...

Not really got a conclusion here, so I'll just stop, as made known by most famous dyke Texas. Go to 04:43... See, we got a nice little ending here.

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  1. Hey! Thank for the link Llama ;-)
    I think you would enjoy my last post http://pabloelmarques.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/portadores-de-la-plaga-montaje-y-masilla.html

  2. I did indeed! Thank you for the reminder, I have still not figured out this whole "follow" thing and often miss great updates.

    Happy 2013!