Desert Palace - project for War of the Ring


First of all, sorry for all spelling mistakes in earlier posts, I am in dire need of time so pedantically correcting every minor mistake is sadly no longer a priority to me. This is otherwise something I take great pride in; I may not correctly use has/have and badly use sayings, but my spelling at least, should be correct. Alas...

As I'm taking a little vacation from the Edheldu project there will be some minor stuff done for the Desert Palace project. This is a sort of module-project: I can add a few silly details - details not normally associated with Middle-Earth, or not-so-fluffy as a reader commented (I liked your batrep, Annatar) - and remove some formations that I feel look too... well, units not harmonizing with this new, actually more high-fantasy theme. I am thinking flying carpets and lion cavalry.

The Golden Horde, with accompanying Golden King, looks high-fantasy enough to be the center-piece, although I have been playing with the idea of doing a Xerxes-like litter/howdah (not the historical one, but the Xerxes from the movie 300 - if you've missed it because you were living under a rock when it was current). The Golden Horde as of now, more looks like the Plastic Pieces of Shit, but we'll get there.

The idea is to make an oversized hand-carried litter that's been dropped and broken. All mounted on a modest little paperboard. Coins (a salami-sliced Mantic skeleton spear), elephant tusks (I think this is called ivory. What is ebony, though?), a little keg that will be broken and have its expensive contents fallen out, golden animal masks and some jewelry and gems. Will try to make the gold really light and shiny, so that will be the big challenge in a month or so, when it's all done.

I wish you all happy times and days and may hot babes come in your way!

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