Homemade Khandish Charioteers (old DIY)

This is a really old project, but it seems it's time to post it. I worked with this the first time around christmas 2006, I think - and did some Rohan Chariots with mr D. I later scrapped these but thought the general planning of them was totally okay. Well, the idea for the wheels, the rest of the chariot is just a matter of taste, you could do it in plasticard, used bits, old chariots parts from GW etc. So, this was initally constructed in early Euro-spring of 2008 - "tabletop finished" after a week and now, almost four years later, I am really finishing them. They have actually gotten some games, would you believe it?!

Above are the two finished wagons. Next to them, to their right, are the templates. The horses are homemade, nice polyurethane copies - shamelessly copied, I should add.

This shows one of the more elaborate chariots I did at the time. Look at those slim wheels, huh?! :) Made from electric cabling pipes, sawed in little slices like salami.

I used superglue to make the thin cardboard that forms the "prow" of the chariot to stick to the "floor" since it cures or hardens really fast and forms snugly againts it. I do not intend to learn the exact terms of chariots, so we'll settle for floor and prow.

The shamelessly copied horses with their gear and the finished chariots. Notice the plastic middle beam which should have the yoke crossing it, how fat it actually is when compared to GW's? Well, I looked at pictures on wagons from my homecountry, cirka 1890, and never thought of the difference between two heavy ardenners pulling a good old, massive Northern European farmer's wagon compared to a light one like the chariots of old. It works anyway, methinks.

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