Desert Wyrm for War of the Ring


Latest project (one of many) to make me not to grow tired on the Great Eagles for the Edheldu project (dropped the largest one on the floor and broke off one of the superheavy wings): A Desert Wyrm based on good ol' Angus McBride's paintings:

Well loosely inspired... It will be based on a 64mm round one. Rules will be great fun to come up with, looking forward to that. Detailing it will also be fun... thinking of different scales, making the head with lots of little horns and ears and stuff. Funny thing with the desert wyrm Angus painted is it somewhat look like a dog in the face :)

- - -

Something we all need before going to work today, a good laugh. This is one of my favourite Jan Stenmark's, though I really feel something was lost in translation even if it is almost word for word. Perhaps this is the reason why it feels dry... ? You see this, dear readers, the jaowsblog contains high and low, abstract and philosophical as well as concrete, right on blah-blah I'm boring myself as I write. Enjoy:

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  1. Looks good, but not very fluff, if I may say so.

  2. Indeed, really not fluffy at all - this is all going to be for my special project for War of the Ring, a more aladin-esque/Desert Palace/Araby thing - inspired by those projects I often refer to on the WHFB... and also complain equally often upon ;)

  3. Oh, forgot one thing: The middle picture is from the Middle-Earth roleplaying game made by... Crown Enterprises? Something like that. There was originally a UK-project and it was later translated to Swedish by Äventyrsspel, I think. Someone will mos def correct me on this. I currently do not care, so correct away.