War of the Ring blog redux

I will within the week change the layout of this blog in order to get the army-get-together pictures their own little page just below the title. Since blogger so kindly let me use their space I will not complain on the problems that will occure. It could just be me being bad with comm'púters (was going to post some IT-crowd here but jaja) - as the old saying goes here in the cold north: You have to be two to fight! Man måste vara två för att slåss!

Super duper EDIT: Oh, I forgot: There's another reason for the layout change, the upcoming articles I will be writing for this blog needs a wider space and I am not allowed to change that with this old template that isn't supported anymore. So why did I choose this old template back in 2009? Well, actually I got it in 2006 or 2007 but for some reason all that is gone... whatever, the reason being is of course that I know that some people don't have a Metal Gear supercomputer-room and really hate to wait for heavy webpages to load. I was there, back in the day, when hotmail took four or five minutes to load and I say this: NEVER AGAIN!

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  1. Make sure you download a security copy of theblog. I know that wordpress has an easy function that allows that - I hope its the same with your platform.

    On another note. Check out these resources discussing silicone moulds for polyurethan (from a thread at TMP). http://jamesrogersstudio.com/molds.html#1 , http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/60/235930.page
    They use the version where you don't start with two mould sides but rather pour one silicone mould and then cut out the original. With their techniques this seems like a viable option.


  2. Hi Llama,

    I sympathise a bit with the layout issues. My original blog (which I still have) had old clean templates that let me use the screen properly and didn't create too much clutter. It's a shame I couldn't get exactly the same thing when I began my new WOTR one, progress eh?

    Anyway, I really like your modelling - very cool.


  3. @Mr FoB: Many thanks for the linky! I will try to add this - and other links to a blogpost later, there's too much work a the mo'.

    @Mr Jamie: Your original blog? Have to find it in your links... And yes, about the templates, I fiddled with different themes yesterday, there should be something better, but it'll take time.

    Thank you for your kind words, will try to update the link-field - there are some nice WotR/LotR blogs out there, I must confess :)