War of the Ring DIY:s

Vic from the shield has a moustache. Ripped it from season three, saw it by mistake when I paused the Shield to listen to my arguing neighbours and saw it had paused at this EXTREMELY hilarious situation.

Vic twisting his moustache.

By popular demand I will show you the blueprints to my Stone Guardian. Like the translation of beutiful Japanese singer/songwriter Sasaki Nozomi's texts, this blueprint may be found somewhat lacking.

As you can see - and as promised - a large sunday-funday update.

Haven't come a long way with the Helmingas. Don't think I'll work anything with the bases besides the normal sand (and static grass, in this case).

Scorpion Swarm. Actually really happy with this.

Since there will be a flat, simple mould done from this base, the scorpions are also flat and simple.

Edheldu soon 100% done.

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