Edheldu Wood Elves project - completed-ish

Finally. Got the 64 mm bases copied so I could replace the square bases that came with the models... This will be the end of my Wood Elves of Edheldu (I must confess I think I had some fluff written down, but it is long forgotten now), a project that's been in the running for almost a year, now. Anyway, here are the last WIPs:

The reason why I am so thorough in showing you these somewhat bland pictures is because of the article below: When doing a flying creature - and avoiding use of the transparent pin - one will invariably try to fill out the base with something. I will do three versions of this filling: The first is the understated one: It has an Elven column and some stone work around it, the rest is just some vegetation.

The second base will have a tree below the Eagle. This is for practical reasons since the Warhammer Giant Eagle is such a huge model, so it will need good support.

And, the third will be somewhere inbetween, though its base is the most underworked at the mo'.

I will try to finish off with a laugh here, since it is indeed sad times when a project is nearing completion. I generally avoid the demotivationals since they are legio around the web...

EDIT: Who the hell buys a Turtles icecream?

PS) To all my Scandinavian readers, when writing in my native language I never(!) särskriver/don't-know-the-engelska ordet. Ifall någon irriterar sig på detta kan jag motbevisa: Hjultyp, korvskinn, silverpokal, jätteroligt. Felaktigt beteende: Hjul typ, korv skinn, silver pokal, jätte roligt, war hammer, war gear. Etc...

PS2) Doctor's appointment at nine tomorrow, I think there's a certain doctor that's going to wait for a certain jaowsblogger in vain...

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