The Hobbit trailer

The Hobbit trailer.


The jaowsblog will take a break from posting from the 22nd or 23rd. Next up after that week long break (or so) is the Sand Wyrm and the Scorpion Swarm - if you can call six or seven bugs a swarm...

With above picture the jaowsblog/War of the Ring blog wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! Eat good food and relax. Good bye for now, good readers!

Oh, almost forgot my christmas gift for you all, a great picture to show you what christmas is all about: Stereotypes holding hands!

To avoid leaving you with an overload of PC:ness I leave in style by using someone elses work - a grand example on how to paint Lord of the Rings miniatures:

This guy was smart enough to take the time and add his webby-name to the picture... Well, that's all for some time, see you all.

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