War of the Ring hiatus

After this small hiatus, consisting of christmas, coffe and other c:s, I am somewhat back in the game. This year will be the year of revolution! I have planned to get in at least one hundred games! This, in stark contrast to last years measly one or none games. So, how will one do to achieve such greatness? ... a question that will be answered in the future. Other things planned are part two of a former article, a guest writer (not decided yet) a few battle reports and of course the grand article on theme!

But first, I have finally taken the time to make a page (should be visible above before ending of January 1st, 2012) where I can sticky some of the army-pics since I've gotten the understanding that people like to look at these. With some luck, I will try to put other peoples' War of the Ring armies there as well, giving - of course - credit to their respective creators. A somewhat more mature jaowsblog, is seemingly emerging.

Merry christmas and a rational new year I wish you all! I will do a new years-update within the week. Pictures will follow.

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  1. Mr Llama, Sir,

    The team (one person) over at flowerofbattle.wordpress.com is happy to announce that we will provide you with five of those hundred games. All games will represent engagements on the Italian frontiers in 1453: the year of the fall of Constantinople.