Old Easterling conversions

Lots of work and little hobby during this weekend, so I'll let these old conversions sub for me. The update is part of my conversion theme that's apparently going on on the jaowsblog. And for anyone wondering what jaows means, I can only tell you it is an abbreviation of four Scandinavian gaming terms that have now been long forgotten.

Painting is done on the fellas above. Painting needs to be redone so no point in posting that picture.

I don't need to go into details with the different conversions, except to tell you their different roles - from left to right: Easterling Banner Bearer, Easterling War Priest, Easterling Drummer and the Sword master, what's his name... Amdûr, Lord of Blades. They turned out quite understated in comparison to GeeDubbs release, but I am still pleased with them, even though I at the time only used water as a release agent when working with kneadatite.

The four models in the background was apparently archers before. They all got press-mould shields. I think I repositioned some of their underarms so they all weren't pointing with their shields. The four dudes made it possible for me to field a little formation of Easterling Phalangists.

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