Mahdist Ansars into Mahûd Warriors

Paints and shields will make these great miniatures from Perry Miniatures into Mahûd Warriors. I bought two or three boxes when they were released in 2011 and so have been able to sort the bodies into three main stacks: One for the Abrakhan Guard - the most naked ones; one for Haradrim Warriors (the two body types with most clothes on - especially those with some sort of trousers on); and these guys, which will serve as Mahûd Warriors.

The shields are made from push-moulds. They turned out acceptable, especially considering I am after the general tabletop look in this little project. A fourth of the formation will get wicker-armour ("armour") around their necks and another quarter will get some other minor addition to tie them into the Mahûd theme, like those strange bone-clubs or some wicker-stuff or maybe a red cloak or cape.

The Golden Horde is done. Still no sunlight... It is really shiny when looked at in real, but here it just looks brown. But I said, one month ago, that I would have it done in a month, so here it is.

Oh my, these images really make the Golden Horde look like garbage rather than a crashed litter with gold... better pictures will be taken.

And the Sand Wyrm is nearing completion. His teeth are laying in front of him, those gray little things. I have cut each little tooth in half and put each in his mouth and now he looks like a monkfish (marulk?).

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