Spiders on the wall

During the christmas holiday I found myself attacked by spiders, as always happens to me during christmas holidays. This is a tradition, but also a tradition that made me stay far away from spiders in LotR, not only because I find them a tad silly (someone mentioned a Sand Wyrm?) but more importantly: They look too realistic. So, i found these - and I can't remember where I found them, since I wasn't on my normal computer... I would like to know what spiders those are. Maybe it is just the colour-scheme that make them look fabulous (no, I am not calling them fabulous with a lisp because of their bright colours, they just plainly look great for miniature spiders).

And I urge you to right-click and then open the image, don't just press on it since it won't show the original size but a scaled down version. Anyways, sorry for using this picture without permission. And here's a late christmas-gift to the faithful reader Mr FoB:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well I want one! And not too expensive!


  2. And you shall have one! When we all move to a warmer country away from this Stasi/Pravda/PC-bullcrap place. Bye-bye cold North!