New releases for Lord of the Rings

FINAL EDIT: No, the goblins on the warg aren't copies of the old ones, of course, what was I thinking... However, I did finally found a rehash that I am sort of sure is just that, a rehash (thank gaaw): The horse that the Easterling Dragon Knight rides looks exactly like one of the Morgul Knights' horses (meant KoDA-horse!), except it got added scale-armour.

These new releases are according to local guesses: Gobbo-related in wait of the Hobbit. To be honest I actually thought they were going to wait with the gobbos until just after the Hobbit-movie. The casualties was a nice one - although any hobbyist with self-respect OR too much time have already done such objects. Post will follow on this matter.

A little tiny EDIT: Just on a note here, can't remember that the gobbos in the Hobbit rode more than two on each warg... did they? Again, the designers of the company that produces this probably have some artistic freedom. Which is, in my opinion, something good - even if you have to live with the Groblogg-Köning of Thieves, motherfucking king of jumping from pillars!

The small edit became large... what I was trying to say about the Goblin Wolf Riders were: The riders looks exactly like early the white metal Goblin Warriors released waaay back in the day. I shall look it up in my olde LotR SBG: Collector's Edition.

Thank you unknown contributor for the images.

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  1. The plastic Easterling cavalry is probably the only part of that release that is really interesting -- when weighting in the price. And still, six plastic cavalry guys for almost 150-300 SEK is kind of ridiculous.


  2. Well, I know a certain person that already have plastic Kataphracts. It'll probably be 250 SEK, that's what they take for the Galadhrim Knights.

    Good day to you sir!

    Nice caroccio, btw