The Golden King's Golden Horde

The Golden Horde, as mentioned before. A pile of gold bars could be added in the middle... the coins will be difficult for a lazy painter like myself to paint because there will be sand added.

There really isn't that much gold coins and pieces (except a few bars, done in the styles of the Incan gold-ingots), but I think the tusks will really make it shine*. I have actually seen gold-plated tusks on pictures from a museum.

I remind you, the idea behind the Golden Horde - instead of the obvious big pile of gold - is a litter that's been lost and now is to be retrieved. This is why there is a strange little tower on the construction. Also, a KoMT banner, as a captured one.

Hot date coming up soon. It will be like this:

"She closed her eyes and I could be myself for a little while." Image courtesy of Jan Stenmark, great-success-cartoonist of Swedistan.

*) Pun?

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