Bases done for Great Eagles

The Edheldu project is now nearing 97% done. It has been educational with all the static grass, forest thingies and moss and lichen etc. I've learned a lot. Hopefully, some reader may have picked up something from this project, like I did when looking at some of the WHFB Wood Elf projects on TWF.

Another runestone on a base, how expected. Idea stolen from one of the earlier linked projects on TWF. I would probably have come up with a similar idea, but this saved time :) Obviously, the hawk isn't done yet.

The dried glue-blob above is necessary since the transparent plastic pin just snapped and snapped and snapped, so finally I lost it and put knaedatite and superglue in a big blob and hoped for the best. I got the best, didn't I?

The guy with the bootlegged wings. This was the first bird for the project. Still the one I'm least satisfied with. Will be needing some more paint and work on the base.

Will be adding some more moss on the slate/stone here. This is the bird with the runestone on its base.

And finally, here he is: The massive, 2kg heavy, WHFB War Eagle. Mounted on a homemade dead tree. It has experienced two crashes and a lot of harsh love, which in turn made it the most successful bird in the Edheldu army. I am actually more happy with the base than the bird, so much I just stopped painting it. Got bored.

Mushrooms and toadstools are done and ready for the bases once the birds are all painted.

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