Mordor Troll conversions

There has been painting going on in my life, but no picture-taking. So, in tradition, we'll settle for some different stuff made mainly by others. Except for the following Mordor Troll conversions.

As you can see, they are somewhat white. I would not (probably) lie if I called it an undercoat, so no need for annoyance of c*pyi*g llamas. These were done during the year of 2007 and they were stupid fun to do! Due to limitations of space in my apartment, I have stayed away of buying the awesome plastic Mordor/Isengard Troll-kit that were released later that year, or the year after...

Longer post will follow on this old project, and some pics of the painted models. Hopefully, the bases will be done until then. As of now, they are only acceptable tabletop standard, and these deserve better.

And now to something totally different: Painting. Look at the armour on these fellas! Just awesome! That's exactly what I would do on all my shiny good-guys armour if I knew how to do it. Unless, of course, it takes too much time... they really look worked... well worked as in taking a lot of time. I would mos def redo my Boromir model if I could, though. Is this some sort of mix between NMM and regular metallics?

These orcs deserve their own post, so this is just for teasing and for me to remember to post them. A user on a now dead website had these posted (think it was originally around 2004 or 2005) and I found around five pictures of these great, but old, Orc conversions in my old web browser's cache!

Orc head and Orc hand on WoMT body. If you recognize your work here, please write a comment.

Haven't forgotten the WoMT-Cmnd project, just unsprued a "fresh" box of Warriors of Minas Tirith, and starting to go thru them to see which ones can be used for the two planned: A muso and a mapper. Don't worry about the Dwarf climber and Ruffian dude, I had planned a different post and blah-blah-blah.

And again, I have a top-secret project I can't share with you... *sad face*. Wish I could, it is sort of related to miniatures. This means though that the updates for January will be a little fewer, but not too few, I hope.

And BTW, I've been having trouble when commenting back (soon to be fixed), so mr Annatar: Many thanks for your kind words! Always encouraging :)

Next update: part two of the old article on Unit Fillers.

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